That’s a way to see it and there is
also another way to see it.
– Insoo Kim Berg

In English


I am a Finnish psychotherapist. I work as a private therapist for adults and youth with different challenges or special needs. My office is located in Tampere, approximately 200 kilometres north of Helsinki. My therapeutic method is solution-focused psychotherapy. In Finland, clients with mental issues or disabilities can receive psychotherapy paid by the national healthcare.

I have been working in my own practice since the 2012.  Previously,  I worked in non-governmental organisations with people with special needs.

Specialty fields


  • Mental disorders such as depression, social fobia or panic disorder
  • Intellectual disability or neuropsychiatrial disorder
  • Learning difficulties
  • Coping with physical illnesses or injuries
  • Coping with sexual identity
  • Eating disorders
  • Substance abuse

Educational background


  • 2013 Solution-focused neuropsychiatrial coach
  • 2010 Solution-focused psychoterapist
  • 2004 Vocational teacher
  • 2000 Master of Social Sciences, social psychology
  • 1991 Diploma in business administration

Contact Information

Visitor Address

Ratinankatu 2 A 6,
2. floor
33100 Tampere, Finland
Puh. 040 5352 857
VAT ID: FI2151319-8
The building is accessible for wheelchairs.